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3 Steps To Creating A Stress-Free Environment

Working with busy professionals, stress is often an obstacle we at Rose Fitness NY need to overcome.

Even when people like their profession, we find that stress still shows up. For many of us, it then impacts family life, social situations, relationships, losing weight and so on.

Do you allow stress to impact your life in any of these ways?

Sometimes we have so much going on and so many deadlines to meet that it's impossible not to build up stress.

Even when you get to work early and stay late, there always seems to be more to do.

Sometimes it can even be hard to concentrate on one task at a time, making it easy to become overwhelmed.

It took me years to figure out how to overcome these stresses, stay focused, and mind-lock onto the tasks in front of me.

Here are 3 steps to creating a Stress Free environment:

1) Daily Meditation

Many men think this is stupid or don't have the patience for it. I was one of them.

But taking out 10 minutes a day for this can have a profound impact on your productivity and not just relieve your stress temporarily, but teach you how to remove it whenever you wish to. You are then in complete control.

You can start at 10 minutes a day with the "Calm" App on your smartphone.

2) Metabolic Workouts

Not all exercise relieves stress. Working professionals who have limited time to begin with will significantly benefit from metabolic type workouts.

Meaning you are utilizing compound movements that activate multiple muscle groups and training on limited rest periods.

This training will not only be great for stress relief, but is the most efficient way to burn calories, increases strength, and boosts your metabolism. (Regardless of age)

3) Surround Yourself With Like- Minded People

They say were the average of our 5 closest relationships. So look around and see if who you're surrounding yourself with helps you grow, or if they bring negative impacts.

When you have people around you with similar priorities and values, it motivates us and keeps us accountable.

The wrong crowd can easily contribute to having more or less stress.

For this reason, I've created an environment where busy, working men can prosper and feed off each other's support.

We live by a code that consists of 8 values we all share and have a mission to make continuous progress physically, mentally, and professionally.

It's my Modern Man Movement.

If you're interested in being a part of our movement, apply HERE so we can see if you're a good fit. As we are very selective in who we let into this environment.

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful. Please share!

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