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3 Easy Ways Frequent Travelers Can Stay Fit

So apparently getting through airport security with 10 containers of grilled chicken and brown rice isn't so realistic.

The good news is that it's not completely necessary in order to stay consistent with your fitness and nutrition if you're a frequent traveler.

While traveling time, limited access to a kitchen, and little to no gym equipment do make sticking to a healthy regimen more challenging, there are definitely ways around those obstacles.

Here are 3 ways you can stay consistent if you travel often:

1) Invest In A TRX

A TRX is suspension straps that allow you to train all muscle groups with the weight of your own body. It's very easy to modify any exercise to become easier or even more advanced by simply adjusting the position of your body.

To clarify - these are NOT 'resistance bands.'

Resistance bands are okay too. But I personally believe that a TRX (or any brand of suspension straps) are a much more versatile tool to train your body.

The straps come with a door anchor that allows you to train in any hotel room with ease. You can also wrap the straps around any tree.

This is a game-changer for any traveler who wants to be able to stick to a well-balanced training routine. And since the suspension straps use your own body weight as the resistance, it's a great way to complete challenging strength training exercises with very little stress on the joints or ligaments.

Plus, it's sort of a fun way to train! And the Straps fold up into a small bag that can easily fit into a suit case or backpack.

2) A Flexible Nutrition Method

If you're trying to eat a small portioned meal every 2-3 hours while traveling, it's not going to be easy.

There are countless nutrition methods out there and finding one that works with your schedule is key whether you're a frequent traveler or not.

One protocol I like for travelers is called Intermittent Fasting. While there are a few different ways to practice this method, the main idea is to push off your first meal of the day until about 4-6 hours after you wake up.

Many like this method because it then allows for more flexibility in the remaining two meals of the day. So if you're getting a meal at the airport or out with clients you can typically order a larger, more enjoyable meal.

For a free step-by-step guideline on how to execute this nutrition protocol, click here.

3) Use Technology's Help

Technology can actually be used to help our fitness in this situation! If you have a Personal Trainer they may be able to send you appropriate workouts to follow while you're traveling.

What we do at Rose Fitness NY is give each client access to our invite only mobile app. In there we can schedule sessions in their calendar, track their progress, and design new workouts on the fly. They're provided with a quick video demonstration of every exercise and exact instruction on sets, reps, and rest timing.

For our clients who travel often this makes life so much easier because we can design routines for them based on the limited equipment and time they may have.

Next time you're on a trip keep these tips in mind! They have been successful in helping many others defy the 'traveling excuse' and even see great results.


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