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Being Different

I’ve always felt like I've done things a bit differently in the fitness Industry.

I started off training clients in a tiny PT studio on Long Island & moved on to a big box gym.

I later started training my own private clients all over NYC.

And I never had the desire to open up my own gym. Still don't.

After 4 years I started coaching people online as well. (and love it)

But I'm not someone who's spending hours in the gym myself every day & I don't eat all my meals out of Tupperware.

I don’t offer cookie-cutter workout routines or meal plans that are the same for everyone.

I don’t have my clients eat very low carb diets.

And I take a more flexible & long term approach to your program.

I would rather you be 90% consistent & enjoy the journey so you can build a real transformation without hating the process.

Rather than try & be 100% perfect with your program. Which ALWAYS backfires.

And something I have no interest in doing....

Is starting my clients with massively restrictive diets from day 1 to try & lose a lot of weight as fast as possible.

B/c this almost always leads to yo-yo dieting & gaining the weight back.

At this point, I'm only interested in working with people who have a long-term mindset & are trying to build sustainable habits that can serve them year after year.

So they can create permanent results for themselves.

What I do with my clients is coach & guide them.

Not provide workouts or diets and say "see ya later, the rest is up to you!" lol

I help you LEARN why we are doing certain things & help you make the proper adjustments over time.

And I find that after 3-4 months, most clients are equipped with a new set of skills & knowledge that seriously impresses me.

Guys in their 40s, 50, 60s have learned (pretty quickly) to track calories,

strength train properly,

manage their fitness while traveling,


I’m not a coach who is like a drill sergeant & will be screaming at you haha.

I’m a coach who will support you through the amazing weeks + the not so great ones. But I'll give you some tough love when you need it.

I am ready to teach you how to blend your training & nutrition into your life so it doesn't feel like such a struggle to stick to.

Learn how to eat flexibly & train effectively to improve your physique & health.

Thank you so much for reading this. I appreciate you for being here.

Maybe you learned one or two things about me today.

And if what I'm saying resonates with you,

I invite you to apply for my 12 week Modern Man Coaching program to start building your strongest & leanest physique.

-- Jesse

CPT | Online Fitness Coach


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