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How to STOP Late Night Snacking

Can't stop yourself from snacking at night? If you're not planning these snacks into your daily calories, this can make it much harder to drop that extra body fat. But don't worry, this is very common. Read until the end for a few key action steps so you can overcome this. I've done this myself in the past, so I know what it can feel like. To me, it felt like I couldn't control the urge to reach for that snack. Even though I knew I shouldn't. This late night snacking is often something guys are dealing with when they first reach out to me. And I've noticed a few key patterns that can cause this to happen. If you find yourself snacking at night, it's generally bc of one of these 2 things (or both).... 1. You are eating too few calories daily. This happens a lot. I see men who workout 5x a week trying to eat 1000-1400 calories a day. That's a recipe for binging, snacking, and yo-yo dieting. If you're eating unnecessarily low amounts of food based on your height, weight, activity level, etc.... you may very well experience those 'uncontrollable' urges to binge or snack. 2. Your last meal (in this case, dinner) isn't satiating enough. Or, your meals in general are lower quality meals that don't keep you full. For Example... If you're a 6'0 active male who just ate a salad and 4 oz of chicken for dinner.... I'd fully expect you to be starving and reaching for a snack in 1-2 hours.

(even though that's a 'healthy' meal) Bc that isn't going to keep you full most of the time. Just like eating pizza for lunch every day...Isn't going to keep you satiated either. So, if you want to overcome these late night snacking habits for good, implement these steps now... ✅ Don't starve yourself, and & instead eat 200-500 calories below your maintenance. (Here's a cheat-sheet on how to find your estimated maintenance calories) ✅ Have plenty of protein (like 2 servings) & a vegetable source in every meal to help stay full. ✅ Plan to have a bigger & more satisfying dinner if you find yourself snacking at night. I hope this was helpful. And if you'd like more hands-on guidance on this, shoot me an email today about your goals.

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