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The Fitness Industry is BACKWARDS....

Sometimes I think that fitness industry is backwards...

Read until the end to see why.

But when we want to lose weight + get in shape...The 1st thing most people do is join a gym.

it's the most mainstream approach at the moment.

Likely bc it's the easiest & cheapest option available.

But many people who have gym memberships aren't training effectively or strength training at all,

aren't following a structured & progressive program,

And aren't even using the facility every week.

I've talked to dozens of people over my time in the fitness industry who have been going to the gym for YEARS...

With literally zero progress to show for it.

Maybe they lost some weight or saw some temporary progress, but didn't sustain it.

It's become obvious that just having access to the facility and it's tools,

is not what directly leads to seeing results.

You need an effective game plan with your training & nutrition.

If you have that, you will see progress. (even if you don't go to a gym)

But if you don't have a plan, what's the point of having the equipment?

That's like collecting books when you can't read.

I've often thought...What if we were this backwards in the medical industry?

The hospital sold us memberships to use the facility whenever we wanted for $50/month.

We had access to all the medical tools there in case we needed care.

And it was up to us to use everything properly and educate ourselves on anatomy, illnesses, & treatments.

If we got sick or needed care, we would show up to the hospital to diagnose & treat ourselves.

Some people would do plenty of research or maybe have a background in medicine or biology....

and could probably have some moderate success on their own.

But plenty of people would have no idea what they were doing.

Wouldn't even be able to do basic things on their own like putting in an IV or taking blood.

Imagine if this was reality?

But hospital's would never do this....because it's ridiculous.

I doubt anyone would even want this "membership style" approach to medicine.

Bc they know they'd have no idea what they're doing and wouldn't want to take a risk with their health.

Yet, people do exactly that when it comes to preventative health

for the very illnesses and diseases that they may find themselves at the hospital for down the road.

Heart disease is the reason 1 in every 4 person dies in the US.

Yep. How is no one going absolutely crazy about that.

And in 2018 about 13% of all adults had diabetes. And that percentage is increasing at "an alarming rate" (CDC).

And apparently in 2020, the US adult obesity rate was 42.4%.

Just. Wild.

By the way....

Proper nutrition & exercise significantly reduces the risk of these things.

What we've been doing has not been working to bring down obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

The approach is backwards in the fitness industry.

Gym memberships and products like flat tummy teas, fat burners, stomach wraps, etc.....Are not working.

Because getting in great shape is not about products or equipment.

When you walk into a hospital, you immediately work with a professional.

You aren't given a juice cleanse to detox your body.

You aren't left with a bunch of equipment and told to figure it out.

The same should be the case with preventative health & fitness.

If people had professional guidance from day 1,

+ support and accountability to follow an actual customized game plan for them as individuals....

We'd see the US health numbers start to turn around. And we'd have way more fit people in their 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's.

But right now, the whole system is backwards.

Let me know if this resonated with you or if you think I'm crazy.

-- Jesse


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