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This 1 Nutrition Strategy helped 30 of my clients lose weight...

This 1 nutrition strategy has helped about 30 of my clients lose weight.

(just in the last 2 years)

Not because it's inherently the 'best' nutrition plan.

Or bc it's super special or anything like that.

But bc it happens to fit conveniently into many guys schedules & lives.

- It doesn't require a lot of meal prepping. (saves time)

Prepping just 1 meal per day on this program is great.

- It doesn't require eliminating carbs or any other foods

- It makes it relatively easy to have a meal out without going off track.

- And it allows for bigger meals which many guys prefer to small meals.

So what is this?

You've heard of it's intermittent fasting.

It's not a 'diet' - but more of an eating schedule or tool you can use when appropriate.

The basic idea is to skip breakfast & push off your first meal until around lunch.

Most commonly, people eat 2 main meals (lunch & dinner) plus a snack or two in between.

The reason this has worked so well for so many of my clients is this....

It makes eating in a calorie deficit much more manageable, in my opinion.

For example: if you're eating 2000 calories a day to lose weight,

those 2,000 calories feel like a lot more food over 2 meals and a snack...

compared to if you start eating at 7am and have to make those 2,000 calories last until 8-9pm at night over 4-5 meals + snacks.

I'm not saying this is 'the best way' to lose weight.

And I have many clients who have lost a bunch of body fat without I.F.,

by following a better approach for their personal situation.

But in my opinion, it's a great tool you can use in a fat loss phase to make your nutrition simpler & more manageable.

And I've noticed it blends nicely into a high percentage of guys lives/schedules & allows them to stick to it.

I often use it in a fat loss phase myself,

but will stay away from it in a muscle building phase where I'm eating more food & want to spread my food throughout the day.

If trying this type of eating protocol under proper guidance, to drop body fat interests you - feel free to shoot me a msg.


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